extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil from Puglia

Expanses of olive trees that flow along the plain until they touch the shores of the Adriatic Sea, this is Puglia, also called the “Oil Paradise.” The skilled hands of our oviculturists give every year one of the best extra virgin olive oil. in the world.

Extra virgin olive oil .. the roots

defined by many people as “the gold of Puglia”, it is an ancient and precious liquid became from the land from which it is generated as a result of a generous climate and a great work and dedication by those who, with love, cultivate and take care of these authentic natural monuments.

From pruning to harvesting, from grinding to consumption, the cultivation of olive trees in Puglia has always been surrounded by an ancestral dedication. Every drop of oil for Apulians is precious and contains a whole world of inimitable flavors. A slice of bread is enough to taste the intense smell of olive oil, nothing more! We are among the first producers in the world!

olio extravergine di oliva

Extra virgin olive oil 100% monocultivar coratina

our extra virgin olive oil is presented in a refined bottle ready to serve

Variety: intense fruity monocultivar coratina

Production area: Puglia, Andria and neighboring areas

bottle capacity: 250-500ml

the Coratina cultivar

Originally from the city of Corato, Coratina is the best known olive cultivar in Puglia and grown throughout the Northern Bari area.

Its weight varies from 3 to 5 grams and has an ovoid and asymmetrical shape. The oil from this olive is very rich in polyphenols and has low content of peroxides that make it more resistant over time.

The sensory profile of pure Coratina oil is distinguished with organoleptic characteristics and intense herbaceous fruity aromas, with hints of artichoke and almond.

On the palate, the impact of the bitterness is powerful with a strong and persistent spicy sensation, that denote the absolute presence of polyphenols superior to any other Italian cultivar.

the roberto sinisi line

Our philosophy is based on a single principle: To bring the best Puglia land offers to our customers’ tables.

We created ROBERTO SINISI line convinced of the high quality of our oil to sign it under our name.

ROBERTO SINISI line stands out from everyone for its style but above all for the processing of oil, from the fields to bottling strictly with nitrogen in order not to lose its precious qualities.

The finely filtered of ASSOLO oil gives very pleasant notes of pleasure.

olio extravergine di oliva


Extra virgin olive oil

Assolo, can be compared as a delicate guitar sound in a concert gives sensations and emotions, so our extra virgin olive oil gives intense flavors and aromas and delights to every delicious dish that remember the intense aromas of Puglia.

the Assolo line is 100%

is 100% Coratina monocultivar of Italian olives that grown in Italy by master olive growers who each year collect the fruit with care and passion to transform it into a fragrant and precious oil.