artist oil and articulture



Olio D’artista was born from the idea of ​​combining all forms of art with the most ancient Apulian art … The art of olive oil making

Roberto & Sinisi’s artistic idea of ​​combining art with their very fine gastronomic creations, continues with the fine artist line an elegant and refined bottle with a heart of extra virgin olive oil in four essences:

Olio d’artista is part of the ARTICOLTURA project conceived by Madrepuglia which tends to discover and enhance Art and Artists of the Apulian landscape by associating visual works with an agri-food concept.

Harmonies of colors, melodies of sounds or poetic verses meet the Apulian oil art, merging into authentic and genuine gastronomic works signed by the same authors depicted.

pepper flavored oil



l’Articoltura come già accennato e un progetto fortemente voluto da Roberto & Sinisi.

Legati fortemente all’arte musicale ed ammiratori di tutte le forme d’arte esistenti, abbiamo deciso  di lanciare una nuova sfida e di far incontrare per la prima volta due mondi all’apparenza diversi ma molto simili e  con un comune denominatore… L’arte!!

Cosa c’e di simile in un dipinto o in uno spartito musicale e in una goccia di Olio extravergine Olio Extravergine di Oliva?  Soprattutto la passione dell’artista.

Non c’e opera che possa apparire tale agli occhi altrui se essa stessa non suscita emozioni e le stesse emozioni sono frutto della passione espressa dall’ autore.

Sappiamo bene che dietro ogni goccia del nostro olio o delle nostre delizie gourmet  c’e un artista che dedica tutta la sua vita per regalarci eccelse emozioni.

Il nostro è un piccolo elogio a tutte le forme d’arte che siano esse fatte con un pennello, con le note, con una penna o con

Olio D’artista 2020

The masters Daniela Pagliaro and Pasquale Brizzi collaborated with us on the first edition

Daniela Pagliaro
Daniela PagliaroOlio D'Artista
He began his artistic activity under the guidance of master Giuseppe Tangaro, from whom he learned the first rudiments of the art of painting. She graduated from the painting course of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari to perfect and follow up on a passion that has accompanied her from an early age.

He has participated in various exhibitions, national and international painting competitions, always obtaining flattering consents and deserving certifications.

His works are also published in specialized magazines.

Pasquale Brizzi
Pasquale BrizziOlio D'Artista
Pasquale BRIZZI was born in Minervino Murge, a town in the province of Bari.
From early childhood he showed considerable interest in drawing and painting, an interest which then becomes a true passion.
He is self-taught, he could not attend any art school or painting courses because he immediately had to integrate into the world of work, leaving his father orphan at the age of 8.
After 20 years of age he began to pursue his pictorial passion by experimenting with colors, techniques, materials, supports, etc. he devoted the most time to color in the combinations of shades and chromatic effects.
pepper flavored oil
artist oil and articulture
100% Coratina oil


The cubic bottles of Olio D’artista are to be collected one by one to bring a masterpiece to the table and amaze your guests with an excellent extra virgin olive oil

The artist’s box

We have enclosed all four Madrepuglia works in an elegant box

the box contains:

Inside there is a parchment with some hints of art and the artists who have collaborated with us.

We have included a paint brush to paint the box with your imagination.